Friday, January 27, 2006

To Sleep, to Dream... of a Filibuster

Yesterday I did almost nothing...a day of my life wasted. One of many. I woke up early to make Robin's lunch and coffee but went right back to bed when she left and slept until four p.m.! This after a good seven hours the night before! Anyway I got up, had something to eat, then called my state Senators to urge them to filibuster the Alito nomination. While there's even a glimmer of life there's hope. Right?

Next I sanded down three large panels---gesso and paint to come.

Robin got home around midnight. Her boss took the training class she's been teaching out to dinner then they all went to a crappy "Blues" club with a crappy, bald, white guy doing Stevie Ray Vaughn covers --- wearing a B.B. King t-shirt! So I'm told.

What a day...

Call your senators! and remember the words of Lawrence Durrell..."we are all dying without having properly lived."
Exhibit A? Right here.


dwayne said...

i hope it is not just a threat of a filibuster so kerry, clinton, and kennedy can look back and say, HEY, I wanted a filibuster. I did call my senators office. I think I may have Lamar Alexander alomost convinced to filibuster. No news yet on what Frist is going to do. We can only hope.

Paul Behnke said...

Aye brother!
Good job w/those senators!