Friday, January 05, 2007

Sound the Alarm

The alarm system here at the house is really getting a workout.

A few days after I first got here I set off the alarm as I was coming home because I left one digit out of the code and couldn't get it right before my 30 seconds were up and the alarm sounded. On the bright side this did allow me to meet several neighbors and begin my relationship with the dispatcher at the alarm company.

Then, on New Year's Eve, Jim, Nina, and I were going downtown for dinner. I set the alarm properly and off we went. Problem was I left the laundry room door ajar and the alarm went off! The tenants next door had to call Sioban who had to get in touch with the alarm company to get it shut off. Who knows how long the poor neighbors had to listen to it before it was silenced.

Then, tonight Jim and Nina got back from their trip to Galway and Jim went to bed early. Nina went in the bedroom in the dark---thought she was turning on a bedside lamp but hit the panic button instead!!! I called the alarm company but the gardai were already on their way. They showed up in seconds but were very understanding. As soon as they hear my accent they become very understanding---as if they are dealing with a mentally deficient person. And I have to say I haven't given them much evidence to counter that assumption.

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