Sunday, April 02, 2006

Speaking of Space

A few days ago Robin told me that Jennifer would soon be closing The Studio: art and movement. She has a great reason, she's getting married and her life and priorities are changing.

I will regret the loss of my studio and a bustling environment to work in but I'm very happy for Jennifer and Tim.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Jennifer really helped me get kick started when we first moved to St. Augustine and six months and two shows later she's still the only person besides Robin that I can really discuss art with down there. But, I'm sure our friendship will continue and I'm hopeful of finding more like minded artists in our area.

Since I was out of town poor Robin had the task of moving my studio back home before the first of April. That was a small space but I packed an awful lot into it! Just clearing out all of the empty coke cans and pop-tart wrappers alone must have taken half a day.

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