Sunday, April 02, 2006

Coming Down

Coming down from tapering off of my Effexor I've begun to have very intense dreams. Last night most of them delt with Bri's situation here. One of them helped explain the appearance of a new image in my drawings since I've been working here.
I dreamed that Bri and I were struggling down an overgrown path like the one in To Kill a Mockingbird that Scout and Jem are hurrying along before they are accosted and unexpectedly saved by Boo Radley. I was holding her hand tightly trying to keep us on the path. This image obviously represents that "holding hands". As I woke up, another image that's been in my head for awhile passed through my mind. In 1989 I visited Pere-Lachaise and was impressed by a double grave monument that showed two arms reaching up in an arc to clasp hands over the stone. My subconscious is always very obvious in its dream symbols but the images that show up in my work to represent them often surprise me. These seem tied to my trying to be of help to Bri here.

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