Sunday, September 27, 2009

Trip to Vermont

I left home yesterday morning and arrived at the Pond House in Jeffersonville, VT around 5:30.
If your going to the Vermont Studio Center and you have the time, spend at least one night at the Pond House!
They have a beautiful Studio apt above the garage that incl. a kitchen dinning table, cable, and most importantly windos on one wall that open to a great view of the mountains.

So after a good night's sleep I got up around 10 am had breakfast (a frozen pizza in the fridge left by a previous guest), got cleaned up and watched tv and read until 12:30 when I headed to Johnson, VT and the residency.

Did a quick tour of the campus---got my room and studio set up and had a great dinner...
The only downside so far is the steady rain!!! which is supposed to stick around all week. Oh well, as long as the studio doesn't leak I'm fine.

Tomorrow I plan to go to a meditation session then get to work. Chris martin is here to give his lecture and do studio visits on the 5th and 6th and I want to have some work for him to look at!

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dwayne said...

look forward to you telling me all the secrets of the place. i cant wait!!

have fun