Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Torpedo Factory: Alexandria, VA

Painting by Tory Cowles, © the artist
Last Sunday Robin, I and our friend Deedra toured the Torpedo Factory in the Old town section of Alexandria, VA.

It had probably been 10 years since I'd last been there and it was a bit of a disappointment.

The premise is: tour and old torpedo factory that has been converted to artists' studios, see them work, meet the artist and hopefully make arrangements to purchase work.

Now the "studios" are little more than boutiques with an easel set up in one corner (if your lucky).

Most of the work now was very commercial with most of the abstraction little more than faux finishing and the rest hack figurative work.

One bright spot was Susan Finsen's work and some of the work by Tory Cowles.

I had a better time at Murphy's Irish Pub where they actually had Bulmer's (Magner's in the U.S.) cider on tap! There was also a great chipper across the street where you could by Jelly Babies for dessert.

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