Sunday, September 02, 2007

NYC Daytrip

(above, top to bottom... work by Richard Serra and Rudolph Stingel)

Robin and I had a great day yesterday. The weather was sunny with temps in the low 80's so we went into NYC for the day.
This was my first time in Manhattan since we lived in Brooklyn in 2001. It is incredible to live so close to the city again. The train ride from Hamilton Station in NJ only takes 45 mins to get you to Penn Station.
We went to the renovated MOMA and saw the Richard Serra show---it's strange how disorienting the works become as you walk through and among the big ribbons of steel.
After that we walked up along Central Park and had hot dogs for lunch as we watched a group of Hare Krishnas perform traditional Indian dances and music.
Next we went to the Whitney and saw a teriffic show by Rudolph Stingel. Robin especially loved this show! There's an article about Stingel in the current Art in America, if you're interested.
We skipped the "art of the Summer of Love" exhibit and took the subway to the East Village where I drunk texted Dwayne from a bar called Cheapshots at First and Ninth. Then across the street for Thai food and the train home. We got home around 10:30 PM completely worn out. I haven't done so much walking since Dublin.
Next weekend we'll hit the galleries in Chelsea and see whats going on there.

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dwayne said...

what did you think of the petrovschi at MOMA?