Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bye Bye Florida

Robin and I are moving again!
She just turned in her notice at work and I turned in mine yesterday.
Robin accepted a job in Princeton, New Jersey. She will start work in the beginning of July and Joe and I will follow her up in the middle of the month. This is a great opportunity for Robin so she's excited and I'm happy that I'll be closer to a larger and more sophisticated art market. Princeton is about an hour and a half from NYC and an hour from Philadelphia, by train.
We don't know where we will live yet---possibly in one of the smaller art towns in the area like Lambertville, NJ.
We will definitely miss the beach and the great people who've befriended us here.
So, June will be a very busy month.
I'll be heading to Dublin again next Monday to attend the opening of a group show that includes a few of the drawings similar to the ones I showed with Dwayne in March.
I'm excited because it's my first opening at the Hallward but I'm at least equally hyped to see the Lucien Freud show at the IMMA.

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Elizabeth Lemmonds said...

Exciting news. Congrats to Robin, and best of luck to both of you in the new digs! We can still find you here, though, right?