Monday, April 02, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday to Robin!!!

Robin's birthday was on March 31st. She celebrated last Tuesday with the traditional home made enchilades. On the 31st we went out to dinner to The Present Moment Cafe here in St. Augustine. It's a raw food restaurant that Robin (and now I) love.
For her presents she got a beach bicycle and an outdoor fire pit.


dwayne said...

WOW look at the color. blog looks good.

I see that you have Thomas Nozkowski featured check this link that I just found. David Humphrey's, who was just in Memphis for a lecture, hosts a radio show on wps1 in NYC. He invites artists in the play their favorite songs, a 30 minute set. but check out nokowski's edition #14

dwayne said...

well, I see that the link does not work, but if you go to their website,, the show is called sound and vision. sorry about that.