Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Weekend

I've had a good weekend so far.

Yesterday I took the train down to Greystones to have dinner with Sioban and John. I was very glad to see them and I knew it would be my first non-frozen meal since Robin left last week.
It was great to catch up with them---last weekend they rented a cabin in Sligo to celebrate John's birthday.

It's about a twenty five minute walk to the train station from their house so I left in time to catch the 11:10 (the last train from Greystones) to Dun Laoghaire. But when I got to the station they said that the trains were cancelled because wires were down over the tracks.

Luckily they were sending a shuttle bus to drive the route so I didn't get to Dun Laoghaire station much later than I would have normally. As I got out of the shuttle I just had time to sprint across the street to catch the last #7 bus going up the hill to the Sallynoggin stop. I've walked that distance many times now but last night was cold and very wet so I was glad to get that bus!

Today I woke up around 11:30 just before Sioban's cousin Shiela Gorman called. She wanted to bring by some old catalogs of her brother, Richard Gorman's, shows. She knew I would appreciate them. I had about ten minutes to frantically tidy up the place and put a kettle on before she arrived. We had a great talk about Her brother's, hers, and my work before going down to Georges Street for the open air market in People's Park. We walked around talking for awhile before I purchased my usual Sunday hot apple cider fortified with whiskey---then we got a table outside (cold but sunny) and talked art and travels for about an hour. I said my goodbyes and headed over to the newsstand to get a paper and a Modern Painters before heading back up the hill towards home.

It was great for Shiela to give me those catalogs. She's a very nice, interesting lady and has promised to come visit us in the states. I'm going to her brother's show in Limerick on the 22nd. If he's half as nice as she is I'll really enjoy meeting him.

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