Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hallward, Kerlin and Douglas Hyde

Today I met up with Sioban in Dublin at Merrion Square. First stop was the Hallward Gallery. The guys who own it moved shop from Cork. It was a nice space but a little unfocused due to their mid-winter group show being hung salon style. They had a few small John Kingerlee works on paper but actually some of the best work in the gallery was by one of the owners, a guy named John Brennan. He did abstractions based on the sea near Cork in a very sophisticated palette.

Next we stopped by the Kerlin Gallery. Upstairs they were hosting an installation by Liam Gillick. I can relate to some of Gillick's pieces better than others. This one was very spare, mostly nude wood with very little color---color is usually how I connect to his work.
Downstairs I asked the gallery director about Richard Gorman's work and he was nice enough to bring out several pieces so we could see them in person. I was telling him how much I like Gorman and how much trouble it was to get a catalog from a Japanese show last year. I asked if they had any catalogs for sale from past shows and he surprised me by giving me a very nice little book/catalog from a recent show!

After lunch we went to the Douglas Hyde Gallery and saw a really uninspiring show of paintings by Wilhelm Sasnal. Everything looked really half-assed and not in a good way. The work looked like a cross between '80's Neo Expressionism and Gary Hume.

I was in a good mood all day today because THE SUN WAS OUT! I couldn't believe skies, shadows cast by objects...the whole nine yards!

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