Monday, August 07, 2006

Nashville Trip

I've got to find an affordable place down here to rent for a studio! I've just moved everything into the largest bedroom of our house. Robin's not too happy about this since our bed barely fits into the new "cubby hole" that we call a second bedroom. There's no room for Joe's bed on the floor but do we make him sleep in another room? Nope. He sleeps on top of us most nights! It's like having a seventy five pound concrete block on your leg all night. A concrete block that snores!

Anyway, the large bedroom makes a fine studio...especially with some of my more recent paintings out of the way up in Nashville. We took a trip up there this weekend to deliver paintings to Zeitgeist for the upcoming show at Vanderbilt University. I packed the paintings up pretty tight but of course it rained like hell for almost the whole ten hour drive. Luckily everything stayed relatively dry---no damage done! We got in too late to deliver the work on friday night so we crashed at a Holiday Inn just outside of Nashville. In the morning we took the work over and had breakfast at a great place Lain recomended called Fido's. I almost want to move to Nashville just for their Bayou Benedict! Then it was back on the road for the ten hours back. We got back home around 0ne a.m. then slept all day sunday!

All that said... I'm excited about the show. It'll be a new venue for me and I'm getting a chance to show with some artists I haven't met yet, from different areas of the country. The exhibit goes up August 15th and will last for the entire semester. I think an opening reception will be held around the 21st of October. Don't know if I'll be able to make it back up for that but I'm gonna try.

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