Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Eleven Hours to Memphis...Eleven Hours Back

This last weekend I had to go up to Memphis to retrieve the rest of the paintings from the Material show last January. Dale and Kristin were nice enough to hold onto them for me all this time.
So, Robin decided to take a couple of days off and we made a very short trip of it! We stayed with Amanda and Paul and Virginia and Victor! Even though we did not have much time at all it was great to see everyone! Finally got to sit down and talk with Dwayne "Memphis' Own" Butcher and his fiancee and I was able to trade Emily one of my paintings for a really nice piece from her last show @ Automatic Slim's.

I think my next trip before, Vermont, will be back to TX to see Bri and Aubrey we want to visit while Robin's mom is there and we still need to get up to Eureka Springs---it's been forever since we've visited my folks there.

!!!People on the great list who've visited us here in FL!!!

Mom and Lew, Bri and Aubrey, Bob and Deb

!!People on the good list who say they will visit us soon!!

Dale and Kristin, Dwayne and Gadsby, Amanda and Paul, Emily, Sioban and John

The rest of you get busy planning your trip---you know who you are!

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joey Slaughter said...

hey where is dale, how can i get in touch with him?

joey slaughter